Climbing Mt. Philo

I climed Mt. Philo A few days ago. And reached the summit! I had a lot of  fun climbing, but it was hard. So we started it was a hour climb. It was hard but not at the same time. It was not so fun when I was climbing tho.

My Commenting EX

So first I went to the student blogging challange. and saw someone so I Comment on them. then I did it again. But I forgot to put my blog link on that so I messed up. that is what I did for commenting!

My Avatar’s

Here are my Avatar’s! The one that is chewing gum is Jayden and the other one is Hayden! Hayden Loves soccer and Jayden loves gum. Jayden is 14 and Hayden is 12.  play a lot of soccer together! Hayden Hates Gum! That is my Avatar’s